RITE Door Protection


Preserve ASSA ABLOY RITE Door’s finish in even the highest abuse applications with the proper protection. All available protective plates are fire rated, preinstalled at the factory with adhesive to eliminate unsightly screw heads, and come in a range of colors to compliment the openings appearance. 

Kick Plate - Armor Plate - Mop Plate - Stretcher Plate

D-KP Standard kick plate - 7" - 16" in height
D-AP Armor plate - 17" to 36" in height
D-MP Mop plate - 6" or under in height
D-SP Stretcher plate - Plates are Heavy Beveled
Note:  All metal kick, mop, armor and stretcher plates are made from solid 260 brass or 304 stainless steel.  

Edge Guards
Edge guards are automatically included on doors with HPL finish and can be added to any door system requiring protection from impacts.   

EG-308 For both square and beveled doors. Used to make doors adjustable to non-plumbed frames and to protect the door from gouges and dents.  Comes with Adjust-A-Screws standard.