RITE Door Lever x Lever


Levers on either side of the RITE Door activate the top latching mechanism. This time-tested hardware allows each leaf to operate independently eliminating the need for floor strikes, center latches, flush bolts, fire pins or astragals and coordinators. All dual lever devices feature the free-wheeling lever mechanism.When the outside lever is locked, it will rotate freely up and down while remaining securely locked.

The dual lever meets accessibility guidelines of the American with Disabilities Act and the requirements of the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards and ANSI 117.1.


MODEL LOCK FUNCTION                                 

Class Room (F84)
- Deadlocking latchbolt
- Either lever operatres latchbolt (except when
  outside lever is locked by key from either side)
- Outside lever remains locked upon egress
- Inside lever always active

D3645 Passage (F75)
- For doors that do not require locking
- Either lever operates latchbolt at all times

Store Room (F86)
- Deadlocking latchbolt
- Latchbolt operated by lever inside, key in
  outside lever
- Outside lever is always locked
- Inside lever always active

D3648 Office (F109)
- Deadlocking latchbolt
- Either lever operates latchbolt (except when outside lever is locked from inside)
- Pushing turn button in inside lever locks outside lever, and automatically releases when inside lever is turned or key is rotated in locked outside lever
- Outside lever may be retained in locked position by pushing and rotating turn button 90 degrees clockwise to a horizontal position; not released until turn button is manually returned to the vertical position
- Latchbolt is operated by key in outside lever or by rotating inside lever
- Inside lever always active

Lever Finish
605 - Bright brass
606 - Satin brass
612 - Satin bronze
613 - Oil rub bronze
625 - Brights chrome
626 - Satin chrome

D3647 Electrified
Fail Safe

Power on locks outside lever
Inside lever always active
Latchbolt retracted by key when locked electrically
Free Wheeling lever when locked electrically

Fail Secure Power on unlocks outside lever
Inside lever always active
Latchbolt retracted by key when power is off
Free Wheeling lever when power is off (locked)

Electric locks provide the ability to electrically lock or unlock the outside trim from a remote location. Fail Safe locks are commonly used in stair towers to release upon fire alarm activation. Fail Secure locks are used on permiter doors or security doors to allow ingress using access control technologies (proximity cards, keypads, etc.).

- Free Wheeling lever mechanism
- Self-contained, continuous-duty integral solenoid
- Available fail safe or fail secure
- Availabe in 12 or 24 volts DC
- Mechanical cylinder override
- UL listed

Electrical Specifications
Continuous duty solenoid
- 150 mA @ 24VDC
- 300 mA @ 12VDC
REX (SPDT) contact rating:
- 3A @ 125 VAC
- 2A @24 VDC


Levers accepting SFIC and other manufacturers' large format interchangeable cores

Description Prefix Number of Pins
SFIC (Accepts all Small Format Interchangeable Cores) B
(i.e. B-AU, B-MO, B-PB)
6 or 7
Medeco®, ASSA® (LFIC) M*
(i.e. M-AU)
Schlage® (LFIC) SI
(i.e. SI-AU, SI-PB, SI-MO)
*Medeco®, ASSA® option available only with AU lever. (Note: For Medeco 32 series cores.)
LFIC = Large Format Interchangeable Core
SFIC = Small Format Interchangeable Core

*Note: Conventional cylinders not available. All levers are prepped for Interchangeable Cores; less core.
IC Core - Prefix
B - Best
R - Corbin Russwin
M - Medeco
SC - Sargent
Sl - Schlage