RITE Door Trim


The D3080 Series provides outside activation of RITE doors that have any type of Adams Rite Exit Device. Breakaway clutching mechanism protects the locked handle from vandalism or forced entry, in either direction. All models share the same core components, so handles can be changed without having to replace the entire trim. Solid construction meets Grade 1 standards. An electrified version is also available for integrating with card readers, keypads and other access control devices.

D3080-01 Curved handle style
D3080-02 Round handle style
D3080-03   Square handle style


*must include lever selection

Electrified exterior lever for remote activation.
Ordered either fail-safe or fail-secure.



Model D3681 has a flush pull and should be used where wall conditions will not allow a pocket to be built for standard trim. Click here for information on Model D3681 >>



US3 - Bright brass (605)
US4 - Satin brass (606)
US9 - Bright bronze (611)
US10 - Satin bronze (612)
10B - Power coat (121)
US26 - Bright chrome (625)
US26D - Satin chrome (626)
US32 - Bright stainless (629)
US32D - Satin stainless (630)

Designer Levers

The RITE Door offers superbly styled door levers in a broad array of designs and finishes.  This collection enables inspired design professionals to incorporate their aesthetic vision ito any opening, allowing a consistent appearance regardless ofthe door's function.