SE - Motorized Latch Retraction >>

Motorized Latch Retraction (SE) option available for door widths 35 1/16" to 51" only

The Motorized Latch Retraction (SE) option provides near-silent operation for quiet environments such as hospitals, offices, hotels and libraries where solenoid-driven devices would be disruptive. The high speed/low current draw motor (0.4 A run current 0.2 A hold current) offers a powerful yet efficient system that allows for lighter gauge wiring and an energy-saving reduced amperage power supply. The device also features combined electric dogging and electric latch retraction which minimizes hardware projection and noise. 

Requires D-PS-SE Power Supply which is capable of powering 2 devices and D4612 Power Transfer (order separately).  

ED - Electrical Dogging >>

Available for door widths 29 1/15" to 51" only

The "ED" option’s holding magnet keeps the pushbar depressed (set manually) and the latch retracted for a lower profile exit device, resulting in less damage and quieter operation. An internal microswitch signals when the bar is depressed – ideal for automatic door operators. It’s wired through the fire alarm system to deactivate in an alarm event. Devices operate at 24VDC at .6 amps, with only a transformer and rectifier or the D-PS-1 Power Supply.

Not to be used as access control element. Specify “SE" with access control devices.

M - Monitor/Signal Switch - Request-to-Exit >>

Available for door widths 29 1/16" to 51" only

Mounted in the exit device pushbar, the switch can be used to signal a supervised access control system, provide input to an automatic door operator, or turn on a light, horn, or other electrical devices. The switch includes contacts normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) activation requirements. Dual switch version offers redundancy as required by some building codes or it can operate a second signaling device.

A - Alarm Function >>

Available for door widths 41 1/16" to 51" only

This battery-powered option emits a loud (95 decibel) alarm to notify management of unauthorized exit. Alarm is controlled by a key in any standard Mortise cylinder with MS® cam to arm, disarm, delay or reset the alarm. Will not alter the Life-Safety characteristics of the exit device in any way. Red letters printed on the bar give a “hands off” warning to deter accidental actuation.