RITE Door Closers


The door closers used for controlling the RITE Door are engineered to meet the demands of architects and building owners. With proven durability, a variety of models are available to match the application needed.

D-DC-PA  Surface closer 180 max.
D-DC-PKT  Pocket closer 180 max.
D-DCT-PKT Track Pocket closer 90 max.


Finishes - Sprayed
EN Aluminum
EB Dark bronze
EP Satin bronze
EAB Brass
ED Black
Finishes - Plated
03 Bright brass
04 Satin brass
09 Bright bronze
10 Satin bronze
10B Dark oxidized bronze
10BL Oxidized satin bronze
15 Satin nickel
20D Statuary dark bronze
26 Bright chrome
26D Satin chrome