RITE Door Auxiliary


Magnetic Holders
The 990 Series electro-magnetic door holders are tri-voltage. Each model 24V AC/DC or 120V AC. Units can be used on fire/smoke barrier doors held open until released by a remote switching device. They can also be used to just hold a door open. The armature is thru-bolted to the door for security and can be provided with any projection required. When ordering indicate model, total projection, finish and door thickness if other than 1-3/4".

• 30-45 pound holding power
• Underwriters US and Canada Listed California State Fire Marshal Listed New York City  
  MEA ANSI/BHMA 156.14
• Most models available in US28, sprayed finishes and US32D


Wall mount
7/16" projection

Wall mount
1-13/16" projection
Wall mount
3-5/8" projection
Universal mounting
4-3/8" projection    

Armature Extensions

Armature Extension

Cross Reference

Function Adams
Rixson Norton Yale Sargent Corbin Russwin LCN
Recessed wall mounted
3-5/8" total projection
D-MDH-310 FM-998 6933 5933 --- DH57904
SEM 7850
Surface wall mounted
4-3/8" total projection
D-MDH-410 FM-996
6935 5935 1560 --- SEM 7830
Flush wall mounted
1-13/8" total projection
D-MDH-113 FM-990 6936 5936 1504 --- ---
Flush wall mounted
7/16" total proejction
D-MDH-102 FM-989 --- --- --- --- ---
Sprayed Finishes
S1 - Aluminum     S2 - Brass     S3 - Bronze     S5 - To match US10B

All models are universal voltage (12VDC, 24V AC?DC, 12OAC)

This chart is offered as a convenience only. Adams Rite assumes no liability for the difference between items compared. When compatibility is a concern, contact Adams Rite RITE Door support for assistance.

Flushbolts and Firebolts
For use on inactive leaf of unequal pairs. top only automatic flushbolt with thermal fire pin at bottom (8'-0" height max).

Edge Sealing Systems
Fire tested classified and listed to meet the requirements of standards UL10B, UL10C & UBC 7-2,
Part 1 (Positive Pressure)

Tested For smoke-controlled assemblies classified and listed to meet the requirements of standards UL1784, NFPA 105 & UBC 7-2, Part 2